The 425’s extensive safety features are numerous. The watertight StrikeZone™ collision bulkhead is a below water impact absorbing chamber with a watertight collision bulkhead. The DeepDefense™ rudder system creates failsafe steering and the rudder has a molded –in leading edge to avoid the need for a vulnerable seam on the foil’s vertical centerline. The T-Beam MastStep™ structure provides all the benefits of a deckstepped mast and the strength of a keel-stepped mast. The SecureSocket™ mast support/chainplate system facilitates perfect load resolution and watertight integrity. The load bearing grid work is extensive and prevents hull flex while distributing the weight of the keel. It has an internal flange hull to deck joint for extra strength. Methyl methacrylate adhesive is used in the hull to deck joint and to bond the structural grid which carries the weight of the rig and the keel. Knitted fabrics are used to create a stronger laminate without additional weight. End grain balsa coring is used above the waterline for additional stiffness and insulation. The hull has a moulded-in fiberglass toe rail. Catalina’s trademark lead keel is designed to absorb impacts for safety and requires less maintenance than other materials. The ballast ratio is high at 40%. All systems are designed following the recommendations and standards of the ABYC and IMCI to earn the highest rating of Category A – Unlimited Offshore.