“From stem to stern, the 425 is the direct result of much study. Douglas likes to listen to owners and do his homework by attending European boat shows and U.S. dealer meetings to learn what makes for the ideal cruiser. In the case of the 425, this means not only a three-cabin vessel with a U-shaped galley and large saloon but systems so well laid out, they’ll make an owner actually want to do maintenance. Much attention was paid to the exterior as well. … Only time will tell, but with its abundance of well-thought-out design features, it’s very possible the new Catalina 425 could surpass even her famous predecessor and become a legend herself.” Sail Editors, Sail Magazine


“True to the 5 Series philosophy, the new 425 is contemporary in style, and traditional in function and practicality”. Cruising World


… the style is clean, simple and strong…the interior layout is a well-thought out design…This layout would be excellent for a couple with two kids…  The starboard seat [on deck] is much deeper than the port cockpit seat. This is brilliant! If you are going to sit upright all you need is an 18-inch deep seat. But if you want to really relax and sprawl you need at least 22 inches of depth and 36 inches is even better. If you doubt me, the next time you go sailing with the family just look how people sit on the settees when you are underway. Women like to sit with the legs curled up under them. You can’t do this on an 18-inch-deep seat. Whoever made this design decision should get an award. Plus, think of the comfortable napping place it makes. I know my boys would have fought over it as their sleeping spot for the night.” Robert H. Perry, Sailing Magazine

“The Catalina 425 is a very attractive design, styled with modern lines yet remaining conservative in Catalina’s fashion…dramatically new and different.” Which Sailboat

“Our popular 42 that was launched in 1989 enjoyed a long production run of well over 1,000 hulls. In response to the continued high demand for a 42-foot cruising yacht, I’m proud of our team effort in designing the new 425.” Frank Butler, Catalina Yachts


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